Cirkus Cirkör: Knitting Peace


poetic – breathtaking – artistic

In “Knitting Peace” Cirkus Cirkör strive for the impossible – to knit their way to peace. Together they create a mystical and beautiful world of ropes and yarns in which their own bodies are transformed into knitting needles. The poetic performance takes you on a powerful quest for meaning that blends breathtaking acrobatics and mysterious music into an aesthetic whole. For the first time, Winterfest welcomes “Knitting Peace,” an enchantingly captivating production from Sweden.



On stage: Alexander Weibel/Pietro Barilli, Aino Ihanainen, Nathalie Bertholio, Antonio Panaro, Joana Dias, Samuel „Looptok“ Andersson
Production: Tilde Björfors
Music: Samuel „Looptok“ Andersson
Stage design: Fanny Senocq, Tilde Björfors, Stefan Karlström, Joel Jedström & das Ensemble
Knitted stage design & knitted costume: Aino Ihanainen
Costume: Anna Bonnevier
Mask: Helena Andersson
Lightdesign: Ulf Englund
Photos: Mats Bäcker



29. November ’23 — 17. December ’23


Tent at Volksgarten


85 Min.


Recommended from 6 years


Seats: seated rows


Adults: 64,– € (category A), 59,– € (category B) / Children 22,– € (cat. A+B)


16 DEC 14:00: KNITTING and other handcrafting WORKSHOP with Fräulein Flora in the Foyertent in the Volksgarten

»Physical skill in combination with beautiful poetry creates fantastic art.«

El País

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