Terms and Conditions (T&C)


The General Terms and Conditions govern the legal relationship between event visitors and the Winterfest. They apply to performances in all venues organised by Winterfest itself as well as to performances for which Winterfest sells tickets or issues free tickets or complimentary tickets.

Event attendance contract

A contract is concluded between the ticket purchaser and the Winterfest as soon as the ticket is handed over to the purchaser, sent or deposited for him/her at the (evening) box office. The reservation or online booking as well as a reservation confirmation do not yet lead to the conclusion of a contract. Admission tickets entitle the holder to use the performance indicated on the ticket. By transferring the admission ticket to a third person (holder), the contract (including the General Terms and Conditions) is also transferred to this person. The purchaser of the admission ticket is obliged to be able to name the persons who use the admission ticket. If the ticket(s) is/are passed on, this naming obligation must be transferred to the transferee. The purchaser shall be liable for any damage resulting from a breach of this obligation.

Ticket reservation, purchase, exchange

Tickets are available at the Winterfest box office at EUROPARK (during the respective opening hours of EUROPARK), by telephone via the Winterfest ticket line, online at winterfest.at as well as at all Raiffeisen banks, at all oeticket advance booking offices as well as at renowned ticket offices in Salzburg and on the respective performance days at the box office for future events.
Tickets can be reserved for a maximum of 48 hours. After this period, the reservation expires automatically if no payment has been received.
Tickets deposited at the box office must be collected at least half an hour before the performance.
Please note that other regulations may apply to external sales outlets.
The customer acknowledges that the data provided by him/her electronically in the course of ordering tickets will be processed for the purpose of handling the contract.
Reduced-price tickets can only be purchased at the Winter Festival box office at EUROPARK and only if the requirements for a reduced-price ticket are proven by a valid ID. There is no legal entitlement to reduced tickets. One or two reduced ticket(s) (depending on the reduction) will be issued per person. In the event of unauthorised use of a reduction, the difference may be charged to the full ticket price or the visitor(s):may be expelled from the performance. In the latter case, the purchase price will not be refunded.
Each ticket is only valid once it has been paid for in full.
Tickets that have already been paid for cannot be returned or exchanged. No refunds are possible in the event of ticket loss.
The organiser reserves the right to limit the number of bookable seats per ticket purchaser:in due to reduced ticket numbers.  If arriving after the beginning of the performance, the reserved seat can not be guaranteed

Programme Changes, Cancellation or Cancellation

Changes to the programme, cast and starting times do not entitle the ticket holder to return tickets or to a price reduction. In the event of changes, the organiser will endeavour to inform the ticket purchasers. There is no entitlement to be informed about these changes. Claims for damages due to failure to inform are therefore invalid. It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to inform himself/herself about possible changes. The latest information will be published at www.winterfest.at.

Events may be cancelled due to technical problems, official and/or legal orders/regulations, bad weather (in particular rain, hail or storm) or illness or the inability of the artist(s) to perform. There will be no reimbursement of travel expenses in the event of cancellation or postponement of the event.

Image and sound recordings

Visitors are not permitted to make video or audio recordings. The visitor consents to the use of his or her image, video and sound recordings made during the event. Recordings of participants may be used for advertising purposes (print, online).

Data protection

The organiser is granted the right to electronically store the personal data disclosed at the time of reservation and order or purchase. This provision also applies to the data of newsletter subscribers. The contractual partner agrees that the personal data may be processed for the purpose of business transactions, invoicing and sending advertising material as well as for internal evaluations and that the data may be passed on to business partners for the aforementioned purposes, insofar as this is necessary for business transactions. The use of personal data when visiting the website www.winterfest.at is regulated in the data protection declaration (https://www.winterfest.at/info-kontakt/datenschutzerklaerung/).

No liability in case of damage

The organiser accepts no liability for any damage to property or health occurring in connection with the event.

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