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Festivalorganisation: 0662 887580
Tickets: 0662 8875801

Account wording: Festival im Volksgarten GmbH
IBAN: AT18 3500 0000 0007 8170


Management: Robert Seguin
Place of jurisdiction: Amtsgericht Salzburg
Tax number: 039/2885
Unit number: 21
UID number: ATU 54873007
Company register number: 224851P Finanzamt Salzburg
Publisher, responsible for the content: Festival im Volksgarten GmbH, Imbergstraße 2, A-5020 Salzburg
Media owner: Theaterfestival Volksgarten, Moosstraße 58c, A-5020 Salzburg
Board of Directors: Dr. Christine Bitschnau (Obfrau), Eric Pratter, MMag. Eva Bräumann, Dr. Alois Navarra, Dr. Klaus Plätzer, Dr. Madeleine Danner, Dr. Stefan Aglassinger, Margit Ann Berger, Mag. Friedrun Schwanzer
Honorary President: Evelyn Daxner-Ehgartner



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