Cirque la Compagnie: Pandax

France, Switzerland

funny – inventive – charming

»Pandax« tells the curious story of five brothers. The only thing they seem to have in common … their father. And they have him with them in an old Fiat Panda in an urn. Their chaotic car ride turns out to be an unexpected opportunity for them to really get to know each other for the first time but of cource not without accidents along the way. With novel acrobatics, unbelievable ease and a lot of wit the artists take us on a family trip that leaves no minute unused.


On stage: Zackary Arnaud, Baptiste Clerc, Boris Fodella, Charlie Mach, Nicolas Provot, Seraina De Block, Ondine Cantineau, Astrid Creve
Director: Maximilien Delaire
Co-director: Nicole Legarde, Cirque la Compagnie

Dramaturgy: Nicole Legarde
Musicians: Seraina De Block, Ondine Cantineau, Astrid Creve
Creation, light: Clément Fodella
Sound: Marjolaine Carme
Costume: Clarisse Baudiniére
Scenography: Antoine Mach
Photos: Lisa Boniface, Juliette Mach

“This is undoubtedly an archetype of what is called a generous performance.”

Toute La Culture

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