Circo Zoé: Deserance

Italy, France

expressive – powerful – extraordinary

From France and Italy, Circo Zoé bring a circus experience between dream and reality to the Volksgarten. »Deserance« cannot be forced into any narrative corset. It is an emotional journey through atmospheric worlds, a tightrope walk between subtle moments and spirited outbursts of emotion. Accompanied by operatic singing and live electronic music, the imaginative show combines dance and acrobatics, aerial hoops, Cyr Wheel, trapeze and more. The troupe invites you to play with contrasts and meets it all with a liberating laugh.


On stage: Simon Benedett, Anouck Blanchet, Adrien Fretard, Maria Reis, Chiara Sicoli, Gael Manipoud/Andrea Cerrato, Jean Stengel, Diego Zanoli, Irene Geninatti/Camilla Corsi
Music. Jean Stengel, Diego Zanoli
Singer. Irene Geninatti / Camilla Corsi
Production. Circo Zoé
Technical director. Yoann Breton
Photo: matergraphics photography, Tiziano Ghidorsi

“A magical encounter between acrobatics and music.”

Funambolika Circusfestival

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