date 7th + 8th Dec.
duration 60 min.
venue SZENE Salzburg
age restriction up to 6 years

adults € 26,-
children (up to 15 years) € 15,-

MOTA »Vanitas«


“There is a great and yet mundane secret. Everyone participates in it, everyone knows it, but very few people think about it. Most people just accept it and don’t wonder about it a bit. That secret is time.”
Michael Ende

In 2017, the Salzburg Circus Association MOTA already thrilled the audience of Winterfest with its show »The Magic Frame«. This year, 30 young artists will conquer the stage of SZENE Salzburg. In their latest production, the young artists deal with the theme of time and will will amaze you with a great variety of circus disciplines.

Artistic director Heidrun Neumayer, Magdalena Gassner- Castillo
Choreography Heidrun Neumayer, Magdalena Gassner-Castillo, César Castillo, Ramiro Erburu
production management Wolfgang Neumayer
costume Heidrun Neumayer, Brunhilde Neumayer