For those who do not get enough of the unique circus flair, there is the red-blue Circusfoyer!
Between the bar and the reading lounge we invite you to enjoy the time before and after the performances in the relaxed atmosphere with a drink and to enjoy the evening with musicians from Salzburg.


Tickets > Adults € 12,-

FR, 8 Dec 20:30 – Meet In Moa

With her unique voice, hemma Treppo tells short stories , which are sometimes rousing, sometimes dreamy. Alwaysa great comibnation of Chanson and Electro Pop.

H. Treppo (vocals, guitar), H. Sehmsdorf (cello), A. Holzer (vocals, dance), M. Schönegger (clarinet, synths), C. Mainque Jenny (drums)

FR, 15 Dec 20:30 Talisman Collection

The five passionate musicians are well known for their rocksounds, authentic lyrics and groovy beats. They have their very own way, how the combine different styles and create a unique sound.

A. Hill (vocals, guitar ), D. Binderberger (vocals, guitar), P. Bernsteiner (vocals, keyboard), L. Pamminger (bass), K. Brennsteiner (drums)

SA, 16 Dec 20:30 Libertango in Koop. mit Frauenbüro Salzburg

‘Viento’ is the name of the new program with original compositions inspired by the soul of Django Reinhardt, the passion of the Tango Argentino or the flamenco: a journey into soundscapes of exciting improvisation!

S. Gerlach (accordion, guitar), S. Linecker (doublebass, guitar), M. Brandl (guitar), G. Sauberer (drums, guitar)

FR, 22 Dec 20:30 Nigrita
With a soulful, dynamic and sensitive program, Nigrita aka Pilmaiquén will arrange a cozy winter evening with her friends. In addition to familiar, often thoughtful and very personal sounds, there will also be surprising and new.

Nigrita (vocals, piano, guitar), R.Schwarzacher (bass, vocals), C. Mainque Jenny (drums)

FR, 29 Dec 20:30 Purple Souls

The Purple Souls skilfully move between alternative and guitar-heavy pop. Their new songs will be presented at the Purple Souls live at Winterfest for the first time.

S. Weiss (guitar, synths), D. Nießl (drums), J. Wöran (vocals, guitar), E. Müller (bass)

SA, 30 Dec 20:30 Hill & Pit Trio
Music at the highest level is presented by the energetic jazz woman. From blues to sweeping swing scat singing, pop or funk or a sensitive ballad, barely one voice is as diverse as that of the singer. In the trio she presents pleasurable jazz to melt away

N. Frühstückl (vocals), H. Hill (piano), T. Grubinger (drums)

SA, 6 Jan 20:30 Ostbeatbend
The musical spectrum of Ostbeatbend is broad: gypsy music from Serbia and Romania and old songs from Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia. A cross-border program that carries people along and unites different cultures.
M. Brandl (guitar), R. Oberndorfer-Wagner (piano), S. Jeremic (accordion, vocals), A. Zechbauer (drums), G. Degenhardt (percussion/flute), R. Friedl (clarinette, saxophone)

SA 9. Dez 20:30 Konzert: Open Jam Session

Jakob Aigner (drums), Gerhard Buchegger (piano), Tahereh Nourani (transverse flute/Bass) and Vitus Denifl (saxophone) from Quart’z invite you to our Open Jam Session.
The motto is: come on, join in & let’s dance.


Wednesdays 20:30 – Free entry

6. Dec. – Schinowatz
13. Dec. – SchönHart
20. Dec. – Calor* (Hanuschplatzflow)
27. Dec. – Angelove
3. Jan. – Jakob Molino

*in cooperation with Jazzit Homebase


Tickets > Adults: € 9,-, Children (until age 15): € 5,-

Die Marx Brothers im Zirkus

The Artist

Parade – Jacques Tati

Three Chaots in the circus: The famous Marx Brothers, Groucho, Chico and Harpo, turn the entire circus inside out. A film full of crazy ideas, witty comedy, slapstick and music acrobatics.

3 January, 16.00

USA 1939, Director: Edward Buzell, with: Chico, Harpo & Groucho Marx, 85 Min, German edition, FSK 0

THE ARTIST tells a touching love story with disarming charm, wit and wink without words with great humor. Awarded five Oscars and three Golden Globes.

4 January, 16.00

France 2011, Director: Michel Hazanavicius, with: Jean Dujardin & Bérénice Bejo, 100 Min, s/w, Silent movie with subtitles, FSK 6

A declaration of love by the French comedian and pantomime Jacques Tati to the circus in front of and behind the scenes. The numbers of the acrobat offer best Slapstick.

5 January, 16.00

France 1974, Director: Jacques Tati, with: Jacques Tati, 89 Min, french Original with subtitles, FSK 0