Cie Gaїus, Christiane Hapt & Sebastian Berger, Robin Witt: Short Pieces

3 performances – 1 evening
shortened versions á 20 minutes

Cie Gaїus
»Wozu das Ganze?« (working title)
Acrobatics and raw poetry merge into a sensitive play of forces. In an absurdly self-ironic way, the brotherly relationship of the artists comes to the fore. In their search for communication beyond words, they let lightness and profundity go hand in hand.

Christiane Hapt & Sebastian Berger
Christiane Hapt and Sebastian Berger explore the concept of stability in a very personal way by means of their newly developed and experimental object manipulation. Excerpts from a virtuoso piece about balance, togetherness and lots of sticks.

Robin Witt
In interplay and combination, Robin Witt gymnastics, sets to music and verbalises thoughts on social togetherness and counter-togetherness. Acrobatic high emotions with depth in an entertainingly spectacular one-man programme.


Cie Gaїus
by and with: Julius Bitterling, César Mispelon
photo: Carlos Carrillo

Christiane Hapt & Sebastian Berger
by and with: Christiane Hapt und Sebastian Berger
coaching: Sonja Apfler
stage design: Michael Liszt, Sebastian Berger, Ewald Hapt
light: Andreas Zemann
photo: Rüdiger Breitbach

Robin Witt
by and with: Robin Witt
director: Knut Gminder
technical director: Stefan Kubalek
outside eye: Sebastian Berger
artistic director: Miriam Witt
photo: Miriam Witt



7. December ’23 — 8. December ’23


Toihaus Theater


3 performances á 20 min.


recommended from 6 years




Adults: 26,– € / Children:15,– €

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