The Winterfest

Festival for Contemporary Circus in Salzburg, Austria

The Winterfest  is the largest festival for contemporary circus art in the German-speaking area. Since 2001 it has been held in the Salzburg Volksgarten during Advent. Cirque Noveau (“new circus”) is an art form created in France around 1970, which interweaves elements from acrobatics, theater, dance, music and drama as well as various circus disciplines and tells powerful stories.

For more than 100 years, the Salzburg Volksgarten was a place of fun and encounter. It was the vision of the Winterfest founder Georg Daxner to revitalize this place with the Winterfest. Since then, internationally renowned circus companies have been invited to the Volksgarten and present their latest productions there. The atmospheric event atmosphere with fairy lights and colorful tents is one of the additional attractions of the Winterfest.

The Winterfest has been in constant change since its creation. After 10 year, Winterfest  became a “festival” officially and nowadays over 30,000 visitors enjoy around 100 events every year. The Winterfest has created awareness and fascination for the contemporary circus far beyond the borders of Salzburg.

Apart from the arena, the Winterfest always offers a diverse supporting program. The spectrum ranges from concerts, literature matinees and exhibitions to film afternoons, pop-up flea markets and more.

The combination of circus art and culinary art is unique at the Winterfest. This combination is one of the reasons for the particularly mixed audience. Not only families, but also companies with employees, customers or partners, school classes, students and pensioners enjoy the unique magic of the Winterfest.

The philosophy behind the Winterfest is simple: To give people in the hectic time before and around Christmas some peace and leisure for an evening among friends. To let them listen to magical stories together, marvel at breathtaking acrobatics and laugh at bizarre circus.

Every year the Winterfest brings an extraordinary world to the Salzburg Volksgarten. A world full of captivating acrobatics, quiet poetry and bizarre humor, which is sometimes loud and breakneck too. The winter festival is sincere, sensationally loving and uniquely authentic.